At Earth's General Store we believe that one of the best things that people can do to change the dominant paradigm is to support local independent stores. Stores that do more for the community than just sell products - they are part of the community, supporting activism and change, and they further their goals by reinvesting their "profits" (whether this is money, time, resources, or energy) back into the community - our community!
Supporting local independent businesses helps keep more money in our community rather than money being shipped away to head offices and sharehholders in some other province or country. Localizing your money is important - that is why supporting farmer's market, buying local, participating in community are so basic to creating a healthy society - we protect that which we know and value.

I like to think of my store as Edmonton's Eco store that offers an eclectic retail experience. 
Earth's General Store is more than a store - we are an instrument for change. 

Consume less! Consume wisely! Consume locally! Consume Fair! And... Love Lots More!


Since our move to our new location in 2010 I believe that we have evolved into a full service 'Health Food Store' offering organic, local, and sustainable foods. We have a very good selection of organic fresh fruit and vegetables, organic groceries, organic dairy, bread, bulk foods, herbs, and gluten-free/wheat free products for people with Celiac disease or gluten/wheat sensitivity.

Our fresh organic produce comes in four times a week - usually Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (but of course this is dependent on the weather in the mountains).

Many "Health Food Stores" are not food stores per se. They are supplement stores. Our focus is whole foods. Yes we will be expanding our offering of supplements over time but we wish to keep the focus on real whole foods and the supplements what they were intended as – supplemental to a healthy and balanced diet based on real whole foods.

We are trying to carry "healthy food" so that it helps creates healthy bodies and minds.


"Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food" - Hippocrates.




New Items


We offer a local organic juice from Revojuicenary at both of our stores.

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Refill Don't Landfill!

Earth's General Store encourages people to reduce their use of packaging. One of the ways our customers do this is to not only bring in their own reusable shopping bags but to bring in their own containers(bags, mason jars, yogurt containers, etc) to refill from our extensive offering of bulk items.

Since we opened in 1991 Earth's General Store has offered a wide assortment of products ranging from shampoo and conditioners to borax and over-strength vinegar. When we evovled into a food store we carried on this tradition to offer products in bulk so we now offer an even wider assortment of bulk items like maple syrup, tamari, flax oil (local), canola oil (local), hemp oil, hemp seeds, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, vanilla extract, Bragg's Liquid Seasoning/Aminos, vanilla beans, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sesame seed oil, and the largest offering of bulk sprouting seeds and superfoods in Canada.

BULK GRAINS – oats (whole kernels, steel cut, regular/old fashioned rolled oats and quick rolled oats), wheat (soft and hard), rice (long grain brown and white, basmati brown and white, sushi, Jasmine Wild, Jade Pearl, Forbidden), rye, popcorn, quinoa (white, red and black), kanawa, spelt, buckwheat, kamut, kasha, bulgur,/bulghur couscous, amaranth;

BULK FLOURS – unbleached wheat, whole wheat, Kamut®, chana (garbanzo bean flour), brown rice flour, spelt flour, potato flour

BULK BEANS, LENTILS, & PEAS (all varieties are dried) – black/turtle beans, red kidney beans, garbanzo/chickpeas (regular and a black variety), green peas, mung/moong beans, pinto beans, lima beans, French Lentils, Red Lentils, Green Lentils, green split peas, yellow split peas, whole green peas, bean mixes (great for soups), adzuki/azuki beans, black-eyed beans, cannellini beans, Great Northern Beans, navy Beans, soy beans, fava bean, pink bean;

BULK SEEDS – sesame (natural/brown, white and black), pumpkin, sunflower;

BULK NUTS – almonds (Californian and raw ones from Europe - Italy or Spain), cashews (regular and hand cracked making them Really Raw), macadamia, peanuts, pinenuts/pine nuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios;

DRIED FRUIT (since these are all certified organic the addition of sulfur/sulphur compounds are not allowed) – bananas (raw), tomatoes (raw), mango (extremely popular), cranberries (sugar sweetened), raisins, currants, blueberries, figs (Black Mission), prunes, pineapple rings, papaya, apricots, cherries;

BULK HERBS and SPICES – allspice (not organic), curry powder, black peppercorns, white peppercorns, black cardamon, cumin (whole and powder), Herbs de Provence, Italian Herb Seasoning, bouquet garni, salt (Himalayan pink in coarse and bulk, Celtic Sea Salt, Yakima Applewood Smoked, Nakima, Black Hawaiian, Red Hawaiian, and Fleur de Sel), nutmeg (whole and powder – not organic), American Saffron (oddly enough this is from China, is incredibly inexpensive compared to the Spanish or Greek saffron, and is not organic), dill, sweet basil, spearmint leaves, mint leaves, Greek oregano, Garden Tarragon, French Tarragon, Rosemary, sumac, Ras El Hanout (Moroccan herb blend), yellow mustard seed, parsley flakes, granulated garlic, garlic powder, marjoram, crushed red chili peppers,

MISCELLANEOUS BULK FOODS (I try to get as many things in bulk as possible and some items might surprise you) – granola (Nature's Path: Hemp Plus, Ginger Zing, Pumpkin Flax, Vanilla Flax), chocolate chips (Fair Trade Certified and Organic), Carob Chips, maple syrup (grades #2 Amber and #3 Dark), San-J Tamari (Wheat/Gluten Free), Amano Tamari, Canola Oil and Flax Seed Oil from local producer – Mighty Trio Organics, arrowroot powder, baking powder (aluminum free), agar agar, xanthan gum, pectin, vanilla extract, Bragg's Liquid Aminos (in Canada it is called “All Purpose Seasoning), Bragg's Cider Vinegar/Everland Organic Apple Cider Vinger, Rice Vinegar, pasta (Prairie Harvest - durum wheat pasta and Artesian AcresKamut®), dried onion flakes, gomashio

and of course we have lots more bulk items in our personal care, raw foods and sprouting section of our store.

PLEASE bring in your own reusable bags and containers when you come to the store.


Coconut Oil and Butters

All of the coconut oil sold at Earth's General Store are certified organic.

Coconut oil is a saturated fat that is quickly processed in our bodies. Coconut oil contains high levels of lauric acid which is converted in the body to monolaurin. Monolaurin has been shown to be very good at fighting disease. Unlike other saturated oils, coconut oil also has considerable levels of medium (MCT - medium chain triglycerides) and short chain fatty acids which have been shown to provide a variety of health benefits to humans (lowering cholesterol, food digestion, absorption of vitamins/nutrients and lowering blood pressure).

Earth's General Store offers coconut oil from the following suppliers (in alphabetical order):

Some people use the coconut oil or butter as a substitute for butter, others take a teaspoon or two a day straight up or add it to their smoothie, while others substitute coconut oil for their usual cooking oil. Coconut oil is becoming more popular as the oil of choice when practicing the ancient Ayuvedic method of detoxifying the body of 'oil pulling'.

Coconut oil is not only used for ingestion but is also used on the outside of the body. You can use it straight out of the jar on your skin to moisturize you skin or scalp. Some people apply it to cold sores on their lips and they say that this really reduces the outbreak. 

You can refill:

  • Personal care bulk products:

  • shampoo – Pure & Natural (Daily Moisturizing;Anti-Dandruff Flake Removal; Daily Light; Extra Gentle Body; Extra Body; Extra Gentle Baby No-Tear Shampoo & Body Wash); Green Beaver Shampoo (Mint, Lavender, and Cranberry)

  • conditioners – Pure & Natural (Daily Light, Deep Treatment – Scented and Unscented), Green Beaver Conditioners (Mint, Lavender, and Cranberry)

  • creams/lotions – Pure & Natural (Scented and Unscented), Earth Safe (Clean Air and Clean Water), Green Beaver hand and body lotion(Mint, Lavender, and Cranberry)

  • body wash – Green Beaver Body wash (Mint, Lavender, and Cranberry)

  • hand soap – Dr. Bronner (castile soap- eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, rose, citrus, baby/mild/unscented, and almond). I find Bronner soaps quite runny and when dilluted with water they are even more so. When Bronner soaps are used in regular pump dispensers they are kind of messy. There are some great foaming dispensers out there and I strongly suggest that people purchase one of these and use it to dispense their liquid hand soap.

    Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate)

Household products:

  • dishwashing liquid – Nature Clean (Unscented), BioVert;

  • laundry liquid – Nature Clean regular, High Efficiency (HE), and triple concentrate (3X); BioVert laundry liquid;

  • laundry powder – Nature Clean;

  • Miscellaneous cleaning products: Nature Clean Window & Glass Cleaner, Cream Cleanser, Kitchen & Bath Spray Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner,

  • concentrated vinegar – 25% acetic acid (normal vinegar is 5% concentration);

  • Borax;

  • Washing Soda;

  • Baking Soda.

Gluten Free and/or Wheat Free for people with Celiac Disease:

I don't know why many of these companies figure it is okay to make their gluten free products not using organic product but it seems that it doesn't seem to matter to them. A person that has Celiac disease doesn't have a choice to choose whether a product is organic or not - they have to go with the GF/WF product everytime.

We also carry an excellent and large variety of books on Celiac, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, and Allergy Free diets and lifestyles. 

Raw Food Items:

  • Organic Food Bars – Active Greens, Omega-3, Vegan, Chocolate Chip

  • Navitas – Cocao beans and powder, Yacon Powder and Syrup, Lucuma Powder, Maca powder, Goji berries, Golden berries;
  • Raw Revolution - bars
  • Go Raw - bars
  • Lydia Organics - bars 
  • Organic Lives - kale chips, Macaroons, frozen Thai coconut water, Nori Sheets
  • Living Foods - kale chips and dehydrated crackers
  • Home Grown Living Food - Rawgles, MacaRoonies, Livies, Kale Chips
  • Essential Living Foods - Olives, Brazil Nuts, Jungle Nuts, Purple Corn, Cocao Butter, and several other items
  • Sun Food - Maca, Camu Camu, Trail Snacks
  • Real Raw Foods - vanilla beans, vanilla powder, banana spears, dried tomatoes, bulk raw dulse, dates, Camu Camu
  • Whole Green Leaf Raw Stevia

Sprouting items (largest selection in Western Canada): 

  • Mumm's sprouting seeds - bulk and packaged
  • Biosta multi level sprouter
  • Sproutmaster sprouting seeds, stainless steel sprouting screen lids (screws onto a standard mason/ball type jar), Food Pantrie, “Easy Sprout”
  • Easy Green Sprouter - automatic system
  • Sprouting Jar - glass (2L and 1L) with stainless steel lids and screens
  • The Sprouting Book by Ann Wigmore 

Yogurt/Yoghurt and Kefir Making – make your own fresh and healthy yogurt or kefir at home:

  • Yogotherm yogurt maker

  • Yogourmet yogurt maker and yogurt and kefir cultures

  • Wild Fermentation and the Art of Fermentation book – learn how to make naturally fermented cultures.

    At present we are not offering kefir or kombucha kits. We suggest that you check your local Kijijii and/or Craig List for people selling these products.

    We carry a large variety of kombucha drinks - great source of pro-biotics (Brew Dr, FT Synergy, Rise Kombucha, and Bucha).

Extracts/Flavourings, Herbs & Spices:

  • Simply Organic/Frontier Natural Food Coop – herbs & spices.

  • Chickadee Herb Farm – less than 160 kms from Edmonton. They make excellent dried organic culinary herbs and wild crafted herbal products. Wonderful to have these herbs available locally. I am working on a way to display/dispense the bulk items.

  • Orchard's Organic Vanilla Extract – we have this in bulk and has proved to be quite popular. People are not used to being able to obtain this in bulk. The other week I was at the Real Canadian Wholesalers on 99th Street picking up some worm bins and checked out the price of their No Name vanilla. The price comparison with our bulk organic product was less than 3% percent more. This is an excellent comparable price. Most people would pay more for organic certified products. I love it when the price is as close as this. 

    Dairy products (Certified Organic unless noted):

    • Vital Green Farms (Picture Butte, Alberta) NON-Homogenized Milk

      • Skim, 1%, 2%, Whole Cow's Milk in 2 litre plastic containers

      • Plain and Vanilla Yogurt (Cow's Milk) in 750gm plastic containers

      • Sour Cream (Cow's Milk)

Fairwinds Farms (Fort Macleod Alberta)

  • Whole Goat's Milk

  • Goat's Milk Yogurt

  • Chevre Goat Milk Cheese (variety of flavours)

    • Purnima Farms

      • Free Range Eggs (brown)

    • Greek Gods (Vancouver, BC)

      • Plain

      • Honey (we no longer carry this product because the milk is no longer organic)

    • L’Ancêtre Cheese

      • Old Cheddar Chesse

      • Mild Cheddar Chesse

      • Medium Cheddar Chesse

      • Mozzarella Chesse

    • Valley Pride

      • Half and Half Cream

    • Bulk food items (all Certified Organic):

  • Flours

    • Whole Wheat Flour

    • Unbleached White Flour

    • Fine Grind Corn

    • Rye Flour

    • Kamut Flour

    • Spelt Flour

  • Rye kernels

  • Wheat Kernels

  • Red Star Yeast - best price in the city

  • Regular Rolled Oats

  • Quick Rolled Oats

  • Oat

  • Brown Flax

  • Popcorn – Yum... Popcorn

  • Lundberg Rice – California

    • White Jasmin Rice

    • Brown Jasmin Rice

    • White Long Grain Rice

    • Brown Long Grain Rice

    • Rice Short Grain Brown

    • Rice Short Grain Brown

    • Rice Short Grain White

    • Rice Arborio

    • Rice Sushi White

    • Rice Basmati Brown

    • Rice Basmati White

    • Rice Golden Rose

    • Wild Blend
  • Wheat Hard Red
  • Wheat Soft White

  • Oats Kernels

  • Kamut Kernels

  • Artesian Acres Kamut Pasta (Prairie Harvest owns Artesian Acres and their web presence is quite pathetic – even worse than mine)

    • Spaghetti

    • Linguine

    • Rotini

    • Penne

    • Vegetable Rotini

    • Lasagna

  • Prairie Harvest Durum Wheat Pasta (made in Edmonton):

    • Spaghetti

    • Linguine

    • Rotini

    • Penne

    • Vegetable Rotini

    • Lasagna

    • Elbow Macaroni

    • Small Shells

  • Seven Grain Cereal

  • Nature Path's Granolas

  • Raw Italian Almonds

  • Whole Raw Almonds from Italy

  • Thompson Raisins

  • Amano Tamari (in stock but not set up to dispense

  • San-J Tamari Wheat Free (in stock but not set up to dispense

  • Bragg's Liquid Aminos

  • Legumes/Beans

    • French Lentils

    • Split Green Peas

    • Black Beans

We are well known for offering composting advice, a very large assortment of books on composting and being the only retail outlet for worms in Alberta (possibly Western Canada) but we have added another composting dimension to our offering -
the Bokashi Compost System.
Wholesome Sweetener Blackstrap Molasses (Fair Trade Certied and Organic) and the Wholesome Sweetener Raw Blue Agave Nectar.
I have expanded our offering of our Four O'Clock teas (Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic).
Stain Remover bar from Buncha Farmers, Ontario.
Cleaning products:

Bulk baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), borax (sodium borate), washing soda (sodium carbonate), hydrogen peroxide (natural bleach), soap flakes (vegan soap flakes from Eureka Soaps, Alberta and animal based flakes by Gateway Chemicals in Winnipeg), and 25% concentrated vinegar - can be used as a non-toxic recipe to kill weeds such as dandelions and Canadian Thistle as well as a versatile household cleaning product.

Phosphate Free dishwasher powder, liquid (gel), and tablets by Ecover, BioVert, and Nature Clean.

Nature Clean™ and BioVert™ - available in both packaged and bulk.

PACKAGED - Ecover™, Earth Friendly™, BioVert, Nature Clean, and CitraSolv™ - toilet bowl cleaner, window and glass cleaner, furniture polish, all purpose cleaner, fruit & veggie wash, bleach (hydrogen peroxide), fabric softener, laundry powder, laundry liquid, dishwasher powder, dishwasher liquid, and cream cleanser.

Soap Nuts (Soapnuts or Soapberries/soap berries) - are fruit of a native plant from India and Nepal that have naturally occuring surfactants (a substance that reduces the surface tension of water and allow it to lift away dirt). All you have to do is put a few of them into a small cloth bag (provided), crush them a bit, and then toss in with your laundry. They can be reused 2-4 times and then composted after they are spent. We have Kaley's Soap Nuts and Eaternal Soap Nuts (these are crushed).

Personal Care:
Our offering of personal care products are made without animal ingredients (all cruelty free). We try and avoid products with methyl and ethyl (propylparaben) parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (sulfate – SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), EDTA, and a wide variety of other common chemicals that I believe are not good to be in our skin, in our mouths, on our hair and in our waste water where it will pollute the environment.
We offer an excellent assortment of toothpastes and toothpowders, deodorants, toothbrushes with reusable brush heads, balms, creams, lotions, shampoo, hair conditioner and rinses, soap, menstrual products, body washes, hair colouring products, balm, ointments, salves, massage oils, aromatherapy oils, floss, skin toner, bath salts, cosmetics, nail polish remover, shaving products, bubble bath, etc. These include brand name products from:
Nature Clean™ Shampoo and conditioner packaged - only the shampoo is available in bulk;
Eureka Soaps made right here in Alberta. Some of the fragrances they offer are: Bayberry; Rose; Lavender; Forest; Tea Tree; Sweet Orange; Cranberry; Musk; Pennyroyal; Gardenia; Frangipane; Hyacinth; Jasmin. We also carry other products from them like bubble bath, milk bath, bath salts, hand milled soaps, bath and massage oils, their new line of hemp soaps, etc.;
Nature's Blends - Pure & Natural - A company out of BC that produces organic hair care products and skin creams;
Nature's Gate™ Organic Fruit Blend Deodorants (Mandarin Orange & Patchouli, Grapefruit & Wild Ginger, Persimmon & Rose Geranium, Asian Pear & Red Tea), Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner (in bulk and package), Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner, toothpastes (Crème de Anise, Crème de Mint, Crème de Peppermint, Cherry Gel, Cool Mint, Wintergreen), and skin cream;
Infinity Shampoo and Conditioners - Chamomile and Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse have stopped being made by the manufacturer as of December 2010. These products will be sorely missed by the many loyal users across Canada. We have over the years had people from New Brunswick to British Columbia enquire about ordering it from us;
Avalon Organic Botanicals™ - Lavender Renewal & Vitality Daily Moisturizer, Lavender Renewal Facial Serum, Vitamin C Renewal Facial Cream, Vitamin C Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF15, Vitamin C Vitality Facial Serum, Avalon shampoo, conditioners, deodorant, lotions, and shaving products;
Aubrey Organics™ - Egyptian Henna Shampoo and Conditioner, Evening Primrose Hand & Body Lotion, Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Relax-R-Bath Herbal Emulsions, B-5 Design Gel, GPB Shampoo and Conditioners, shaving products and many more
Curelle Hair Care products: Canadian Made; No Parabens; No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfates or Sodium Laureth Sulfates); No DEA - sounds good to me! We are offering their Hydra Shampoo; Energe Shampoo; Treslite Conditioner; Riche Conditioner; Build-up Remover (removes hair product residues, also chlorine, copper, etc. from shower and pool water); and Styling Gel.
Soap Works - (Soapworks) is a Canadian company that makes affordable milled soaps. The majority of the soaps we sell from them are vegetarian and / or vegan - vegetable oil base. Our most popular soaps from them are the Tea Tree, Cucumber and Calendula, Olive Oil, Creamy Clay, Pure Vegetable Glycerine and Ginseng. Soapworks soaps are unwrapped - NAKED! 

Soap Works also make soaps with Aloe Vera, Bee Pollen, Evening Primrose Oil, Pumice, , Charks momile, Coal Tar, Pine Tar, and Carbolic (brings back memories of the old Lifebuoy soap bar) but these soaps use animal fats to make the soap so we stopped carrying these soaps in the fall of 2012; 

Caveat Emptor when it comes to purchasing “organic “ personal care products they are not as organic as we are lead to believe – most of our personal care products that say they are organic consist mostly of organic floral water (hydrosol). Please visit the Organic Consumer Association website to read more about this practice. Why do I have some of these products in my store? Simple – I offer healthier alternatives to the conventional products out there. I also use it to educate the consumer. When something else comes along that is ‘better’ I will start stocking that product line. I suggest that you check out the "Guide to Less Toxic Products" annd/or "Environment Working Group" to learn about what products are best and find answers to your concern about some of the ingredients.

A word about reusable toothbrushes. When most toothbrushes come to the end of their useful life they are chucked in the garbage or maybe recycled. The only thing that has really worn on the toothbrush is the brush head. There are several companies that have developed toothbrushes that allow you just to replace this worn part. You click it out and click in a new head thus saving about 3 - 4 handles worth of plastic a year and not only would you have avoided all this garbage but you would have paid for the initial cost of the handle. We carry toothbrushes with replaceable heads from: Fuchs; Terradent; Fun Brushes; Radius and Smile Brite.

Toothpastes are supplied by: Vicco; Desert Essence; Green Beaver; EcoDent™, NewCo; Nature's Gate; Dabur. I tend to favour the products that do not have fluoride or Sodium Laureth Sulphate (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) in them.

Most people use some type of deodorant and we offer a wide variety of deodorants (some without propylenes and all without aluminum) from: Earthwise; Aubreys Organics; Earth Science Liken; Green Beaver; Avalon Organics. We also carry the deodorant stone (similar to the Thai Deodorant stone) which is a very economical deodorant with minimal packaging.

It seems everyone loves choosing from a large variety of lip balms. We carry lip balms from: Green Beaver Lip Balm and Lip Gloss; Prairie Dawn (made in Edmonton); Merry Hempsters (Organic, Hemp oil and Vegan varieties); Green Beaver; Desert Essence Jojoba Oil Lip Rescue; and Badger Balm.

Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate - sulfate if you spell it the American way) for aching muscles or a relaxing soak is available in bulk and packaged quantities. I am surprised by how many people use this product. It is a great product to use to enjoy a hot relaxing and healing bath. My son loves to soak his feet in a bowl of Epsom slats and hot water after we come home from skating or skiing.

Menstrual Products - the Keeper™ (the Keeper is a reusable menstrual cup that is made out of natural rubber - very popular); Mooncup - a silicone version made by the Keeper people; Natracare™ (disposable menstrual products made out of organic cotton in their tampons and non-chlorine bleached materials in their pads); Many Moons™ (reusable cotton menstrual pads); Urban Amor (by Blood sisters - reusable cotton menstrual pads); Luna Pads™ (reusable cotton menstrual pads): chlorine free menstrual products from Seventh Generation; and Goddess Moon pads. Many of the reusable cloth pads are available in organic as well as conventional cotton. The Keeper is a great product for travelling - especially to areas of the world where menstrual products may be difficult to obtain. The Keeper comes in two sizes: 'A' for AFTER vaginal childbirth and "B' for BEFORE vaginal childbirth.

We welcome back the offering of menstrual sponges from Jade & Pearl - very popular!

Insect Repellent (Alternatives to DEET) - Buzz Away; Pennyroyal (by Eureka); Druid Citronella lotion and Out of the Woods (formerly Matter Bug Dope). Many of the products are rated child safe (friendly) by the manufacturer.

Sun Care/Sunscreen: the best defense against sun damage (sun burn) is to avoid exposure to the sun - but I personally don't think this is healthy. We need exposure to the sun to be healthy and it makes us happier. When you do go out into the sun for extended periods it would be wise to wear a hat (full brim is prefered to a baseball cap), cover your body (darker colours tend to have a better sun protection factor -SPF - than light coloured) and put on a full spectrum (blocks UVA and UVB rays) sun blocker. Earth's General Store has a wide variety of sun care products from manufactures: Badger, Aubrey, and NewCo.

100% beeswax candles by
Avalon Sunset and PheylonianSeveral of the tea lightes/lites can be bought without the metal cup (cupless). Imagine all the metal cups being tossed or even recycled every year that can be eliminated.

Paper Products:
Toilet paper made from 100% post consumer recycled waste fibre; journals made from reclaimed materials from Jelly Parrot (locally made by Jan) and Re-Cover (from Nova Scotia); handmade paper (Select Imports from India) and an extensive offering of loose paper sheets made from 100% post-consumer waste fibre or non-tree pulp in a variety of colours and weights (such as: Sandpiper by Domtar; Speckletone by French Paper; Genesis by Nexfor - Fraser Papers; Quest. Some of the handmade papers that we get from India, Nepal, and Thailand are made out of a variety of tree products such as Sa (mulberry), Lotka (Daphne Bush), grass and jute. We even have some paper made out of old blue jeans and recycled money.

Earth's General Store promotes the use of reusable products over disposable options but there are times when people wish to use a disposable product for certain applications or events. In following our mandate to offer environmentally better options we are pleased to offer disposable plates and bowls made from bagasse (fibre residue left over from the manufacturing of sugar from sugar cane). These products are 100% biodegradable (can be composted since they do not have the plastic or wax film applied to most "paper" plates), 100% recyclable (can be put into all recycling systems), made from a renewable resources (sugar cane grows more fibre per year than trees do), microwave and freezer safe, leak and cut resistant, oil resistant, impermeable and non-toxic and is 100% wood fibre free. For more information about this product you can visit Stalk Market at Please note that when we received these products we found out that they were made in China. I am still trying to balance this quandary.

Postcards from Global Aware, Syracuse Cultural Workers, and Adbusters. Greeting cards (solstice, seasonal and occasion) by Syracuse Cultural Workers, We'Moon, New Internationalist and a variety of handmade cards made by local artisans.

Calendars 2013:
We’Moon; Syracuse Cultural Workers Peace Calendars; Slingshot Organizers; Greenpeace wall calendar; New Internationalist; Sierra Club calendars and agendas are already in stock for the upcoming season. The We'Moon calendar is available in the wall, coil spiral and a flat laying format.

Why spend your book and magazine money in the chain stores or online with Chapters and Amazon? Do you wish for your money to support large national and international corporations or do you wish to support independent local business? Does it make sense buying a book about anti-globalization from a chain store? In many cases we will have the largest selection of books on our core subjects in Edmonton - peace & justice, alternative building (straw bale, rammed earth, cob, etc), alternative energy (solar, wind, water/hydro), food & diet - vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, allergy free, gardening, urban farming/food production, permaculture, sustainable transportation, and several others.

The list of the books we carry would be too long so I will just mention some:

Subjects: vegetarian and vegan cook books; education; animal free cooking; composting; straw bale, cob, earth, earthbag, Earthship, rammed earth, earth sheltered, log, stone, stackwall, cordwood, natural building books; food security; Genetically Modified Organism (GMO, Biotech, biotechnology); organic gardening; biointensive gardening; permaculture; solar; wind, biodiesel, hydroelectric - renewable energy; plastering; grey water systems; sex education; Fair Trade; slavery; Just labour; environmental and social issues; sustainability; biodiesel; teacher resources; sprawl; urban planning; smart growth; food preservation (drying, canning, freezing, root cellaring, etc); self-sufficiency and self-reliant living; ecovillage; green choices; lifestyle; community; voluntary simplicity; globalization; anti-war; pro-peace; green design; roof gardens; green roofs; rainwater collection; end of oil; menstruation; coming of age; peak oil production…. I believe we have the largest selection (retail store) of alternative building and energy books in Canada.

Selected publishers: New Society; Chelsea Green; Centre for Appropriate Technologies; Real Goods; Storey; No-Nonsense Guides; New Press; Zed; New Press; Verso; AK Press and Seven Stories are just some of the publishers we focus on.

Authors include: Noam Chomsky; Bill Mollison; Masanobu Fukuoka; John Jeavons; John Robbins; Vandana Shiva; Derek Jensen; Linda McQuaig; Wendell Berry; Howard Zinn; David Suzuki; Jeremy Rifkin; Michael Moore; etc.

Titles (selected): In the Garden of Vegan; How it all Vegan; From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank; Vegan Taste of East Africa; Vegan Taste of North Africa; Vegan Taste of Thailand; Vegan Taste of Eastern Europe; Vegan Taste of Greece; Vegan Taste of France; Vegan World Fusion Cuisine; Wild Fermentation; Go Wild with easy to grow prairie wildflowers and grasses (Cherry Dodd from Edmonton),  Raw Gourmet; Dining in the Raw; Vegan with a Vengeance; Vegetarian World Fusion; 500 Greatest Ever Vegetarian Recipes; Cooking with Kurma; How to Shit in the Woods; Japanese Vegetarian Cooking; World Vegetarian Classics; Grub; Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian; Complete Vegetarian Cookbook; The Best Vegetarian Recipes; One Straw Revolution; Che; Biomimicry; NatureScape Alberta; Cradle to Cradle; Deal With It!; Dare to Repair; More Straw Bale Building; Clean House, Clean Planet; Biopiracy; Fast Food Nation; Build with Bales; Permaculture: A Design Manual; Encyclopaedia of Healing; Chasing the Sun; Worms Eat My Garbage; The Earth Care Manual; Basics of Permaculture (Mars); Permaculture Garden (Bell); Permaculture Way (Bell); Dragonslippers: This is What an Abusive Relationship Looks Like; Metal of Dishonour (about Depleted Uranium); Permaculture Plants (Nugent); Ecovillage Living; CoHousing Handbook; Green Remodelling; Let it Rot!; Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide; Darfur: A Short History of a Long War; RAW: The Uncook Book; Humanure #2; Incredibly Delicious; Crank’s cookbooks; Moosewood Cookbooks; Vegan Planet; the Complete Book of Raw Food; One Straw Revolution; Lorax; Butter Battle Book; BioDiesel (Pahl); Biodiesel Power (Estill); Biodiesel: Basics and Beyond (Kemp); European Dream; Dark Ages Ahead; Book of Masonry Stove; Build Your Own Earth Oven; the Yurt Handbook; Long Emergency; Cooking with the Sun; An Anarchist Cookbook – Recipes for Disaster by Crimethinc; Earth Bag Building; Sacred Balance; Rebar; Killing Hope; That Take Ovaries; Slaves to Fashion; Little Earth Book; Fuelling The Future; Complete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home; Nature of Design; Building with Earth; Have Fries Will Travel; The Green House; Practical Photovoltaics; Earthship Volumes 1, 2 an 3; Earth Construction; Septic Systems; Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically Challenged; Rainwater Harvesting (Volumes 1, 2 and soon #3); Sick House Survival Guide; Timber Framer's Workshop; Sticks, Stones, Mud Homes; Off the Grid; Bird Flu: What to Do; The End of the Line: How Overfishing is Changing the World and What We Eat; Bleeding Afghanistan; Good Green Homes; EcoNest; Green Remodelling; Thatch & Thatching; Building with Straw; Solar Water Heating; Girls will be Boys; Silent Spring; Home Work; Shelter; Radical Simplicity; Solviva; Passive Solar House; Photovoltaics – Design and Installation; Crossing the Rubicon; End of Oil; Crude; Bicycle Repair Manual; Building a Straw Bale House: The Red Feather Construction Handbook; Direct Action; You Grow Girl!; Organic Gardening; Weather Makers; Roberta’s Rules of Order; Solar Living Source Book (Real Goods); La Dolce Vegan; the Long Emergency; Microhydro; Building a Greywater System; Home House Project; When the Rivers Run Dry; Home Energy Diet; Please Don't Feed the Bears: A Vegan Cookbook by Abjorn Intonsus; Heat by George Monbiot; The Last Generation by Fred Pearce; Bitter Chocolate by Carol Off; Vegan Lunch Box (; The Winds of Change: Climate, Weather, and the Destruction of Civilization by Eugene Linden; Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World; Vegan World Fusion Cuisine; Voluptuous Vegan; Eastern Vegetarian Cooking; Vegetarian World Food; 500 Great-ever Vegetarian Recipes. – plus over 500 other titles.

Magazines: (major national stores like Chapters carry a very large selection of magazines but please consider supporting your local independent book/magazine stores like Hub Cigar and Earth's General Store) 
Adbusters (including past issues); Alternatives Journal; The Ecologists; Utne; Mothering; Permaculture Activist; Earth First; Earth Island Journal; Resurgence; Vegetarian Times; Bitch; Bust; E magazine; Dollars and Sense; New Internationalist; Yes!; Communities; Organic Gardening; Yoga Journal; Z Magazine; Green Teacher; Mother Jones; Shameless; Permaculture; Curve; Cultural Survival; Home Power; Private Power; Permaculture Activist; Ode; WorldWatch; The Onion; VegNews; Herbivore; Inspire Your World; Green Anarchy; World Pulse; Pride; Peace Magazine; Orion; Journal of Democracy; The Humanist; Corporate Knights; Mother Earth News; The Humanist; Natural Home & Garden; The Green Parent; Geez; Tikkum; Colorlines; Planet; Yoga magazine; Yoga + Joyful Living; Yoga Journal; Yoga International; Highlights Magazine for Children; Landscape Architecture; Geist; Broken Pencil - plus over 50 more titles. We have been repeatedly told that we have the best selection of magazines that people have seen in one place.

Alternative Alphabet; Universal Declaration of Human Rights; We Can Do It - Rosie the Riveter; How to Build Community; How to End Global Warming; Ten Myths about World Hunger; Peters Projection Map; Upside Down World Map; United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; How to End Global Warming; How to End Violence Against Women and Children; and posters from
Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC or WC2) and Syracuse Cultural Workers.

Videos, DVD and CDs:
Future of Food and End of Suburbia are our two most popular titles but we carry others. A very popular title at the moment is Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices (

If you get a chance, drop by the store and borrow the documentary - 'Stolen Childhoods'.I am sure once you have watched it you will understand why it is important that we privilege few that inhabit the "Have World" need to support social justice throughout the world. It is totally wrong that children are forced to take on the lives that are forced upon them as depicted in this documentary. It reinforces why Fair Trade Certified is an important practice to me.

We offer CDs (compact discs) featuring: Noam Chomsky; Howard Zinn; Jello Biafra; Michael Moore; and several others.

Gardening, general household items and Composting:

Worms (red wrigglers/red wigglers Eisenia Fotida Compostingg worms) and vermiculture (worm cultures) composting supplies (mostly used for people without access to an outdoor composter - apartment and condo dwellers or people that wish to make a fine soil fertilizer); Organic Green alfalfa based fertilizer; local organic seeds and Great States, American Lawn, and Scott Reel non-polluting push lawnmowers. Worm composting produces worm castings which make an excellent fertilizer for your indoor plants or outdoor garden. We also have an excellent selection of books on worm and outdoor composting which compliment our offering of organic gardening and agriculture books. I believe that we are the only retail store in Alberta that offers worms for composting.

We offer the worms by themselves or as part of a kit. Normally we order the worms on Wednesday and they are delivered to the store on Thursday. People that are interested in getting worms need to place an order before Wednesday so that they can ensure that worms are reserved for them. People should pick their worms up at the store over the next few days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday). The worms are sold in 1/2 pound lots (this is 1/2 pound of worms in a small bag of soil) and are sold for $45.00. A kit consists of a 53L Rubbermaid Roughtote with holes drilled out of the lid (for ventilation), 1/2 pound bag of worms, 50 litres of soil, a trowel and a marker. The kit is sold for $75.00. Please contact us at 780-439-8725 to order the worms and/or worm composting kit.

Alberta Education has incorporated a waste awareness module in their grade 4 curriculum. Each September we get many Grade 4 teachers coming into the store to purchase worms and kits. To help them in their education efforts we lend out the "Wormania" and "Worm Bin Creatures" videos and have worm-composting information supplied to us from the City of Edmonton. We want children going through this programme to understand that each and everyone contributes to the waste stream but there are components of this stream that we can easily recycle in our own home (or backyard if doing an outdoor composting system).

Diatomaceous earth (DE) that is used as a physical natural pesticide especially for bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, slugs and snails. It can even be used as a natural non-toxic method to de-worm animals (pets). Our diatomaceous earth is food grade quality.

Our concentrated vinegar (25%) acts as an effective natural herbicide (dandelions, Canadian Thistle, small saplings, etc).

EcoSafe biodegradable garbage bags (kitchen and yard wastes). I strongly suggest that most of you compost all your organic wastes instead of sending them off to a landfill. Composting is one of the "greenest" actions you can do and it is such a easy activity.

Expandable mesh produce bags - as seen on Oprah (April 20th, 2007 - her Earth Day Special). These are a great reusable product for putting in all your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Free compost, grasscycling, and recycling information from the City of Edmonton.

Bottles, plastic free living products, Travel mugs, bags & shopping aids:

Bags! Bags! Bags! - We have carried cloth cotton bags for many years but due to demand and encouraging people to reuse bags we are bringing in more options for people.

We continue to expand our offering of Plastic Free Living products from companies like: Sanctus Mundo, To-Go Ware, No Plastics etc. who all offer some very nice and functional products. We have stainless steel drinking bottles (a no name brand and Purica), glass bottles (Lifefactory and Tapwater), Libre loose tea glasses (travel container with glass liner and plastic outer shell), and shortly there will be travel mugs.

We continue to expand our Fair Trade Certified (Certified Organic as well) offerings
(I believe we offer the largest selection of Fair Trade Certified products in Canada).
One of the founding philosophies of the store is to give people better options - environmentally superior and socially responsible/resepctful.

I believe that reusing an item shows a high level of respect for the energy and resources that were used to make the item in the first place. If I don't have a cup/mug with me then I don't get to have a tea to go.

But there are times or people that believe that a disposable product is needed for certain situations. It makes sense then that there are better options to offer these people. I have been offering facial tissue (that's Kleenex for many of you) in addition to the reusable organic cotton handkerchiefs. We have offered disposable plates made from bagasse which are 100% compostable for years - well now we are offering an extension of this philosophy. We will now offer disposable cups, spoons, forks, and knives that are 100% compostable. The cups have a polymer liner that keeps the liquid from soaking the paper and is manufactured from Non-GMO corn, the shell of the cup is made from paper and the whole cup is completely biodegradable. The cutlery is made from potatoes and is also completely bridgeable.

We continue to expand our offering of products that will help people have less of an ecological impact when they choose to use disposables for an event or when they are out and about - reusable chopsticks, travel mugs (Libre), bamboo flat ware/cutlery, plant starch utensils, plates made from bagasse (sugar cane residue) and palm left plates, truly biodegradable hot beverage/coffee cups (the paper cups have a plant based liner in them insteaad a petroleum plastic liner), corn plastic cold beverage/beer cups, and stainless steel containers to store leftovers or as a doggy bag.

A couple of interesting items that we have recently added to our offering of stainless steel products are stainless steel Popsicle Mold and Ice Cube Tray. Now you can use a product that is durable, non-plastic, and functional.

But remember - Reduce is best!

Coffee; Tea; Chocolate; Hot Chocolate; Cocoa; Sugar and snacks:

Earth's General Store became Fair Trade certified as a coffee roaster in June 2006. This takes us to the next level of providing certified Fair Trade and Organic coffee in the Edmonton area. We are FIRST and ONLY Edmonton coffee roaster that uses ONLY 100% Certified Fair Trade green coffee beans that are also certified Organic! Yeah for us! Not only will people enjoy freshly roasted coffee with a sense of justice they will also be enjoying a cup of coffee that tastes GREAT!

The green coffee beans are roasted once a week (usually Thursday or Friday) so they are FRESH for the weekend when the majority of coffee is purchased. Most coffee on grocery store shelves are several weeks to months old. When people taste freshly roasted coffee they are very pleased and surprised with the flavour - it is a flavour they are not used to because most coffee that is purchased in the major grocer stores is slightly stale.

We offer Organic Fair Trade Certified sugar - packaged and bulk. Sugar from Wholesome Sweeteners, Just Us!, and Cocoa Camino - icing sugar, dark brown, Sucanat, and Moscavado/Muscovado sugars. Several people have started to use other sugar options like agave, molasses, and stevia as healthier sweetening solutions. We have them!

The hot chocolate (both milk and dark) and cocoa powders are supplied by Cocoa Camino. Cocoa Camino has a chocolate chips and baking chocolate products and we have these in the store.

The chocolate bars and other products are top quality and great tasting while still being certified  organic and Fair Trade certified. Choose respectful products and get great taste to boot!

Ambriel chocolates - the Orange Peel is much loved by our staff. La Siembra Cocoa Camino makes a large line of chocolate bars. We also carry some products from Dagoba: cocoa powder; and hot chocolate. We ONLY carry their products that are Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic. Their Hot Chocolates look great (Authentic, Xocolatl, and Unsweetened) and are very popular. The Xocolatl has traditional ingredients like chillies and cinnamon - interesting!

We stopped offering Endangered Species Chocolates since they are no longer Fair Trade Certified. They have decided to do a non-audited process called "ethically traded". I cannot support this.

Zazubean - Hottie (Chili Pepper, Cinnamon and Yerba Mate), Nutbar (Roasted Almonds), Lunatic (Dark Chocolate with Mint & Cocoa Nibs), Nakid (Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Nibs), Flirt (Raspeberries & Sour Cherries with Acai)Cheeky (Banana, Salted Toffee with Maca).

Cocoa Camino has an extensive offering of chocolate bars - Panama Extra Dark Chocolate (80% Cocoa), Raspberry Dark (65% Cocoa), Milk with Sea Salt (35% Cocoa), Caramel Crunc (55% Cocoa), Coconut (65% Cocoa), Milk (38% Cocoa), Bittersweet (71% Cocoa), Dark (55% Cocoa), Almonds Dark (55% Cocoa), Mint Dark (67% Cocoa), Orange Dark (65% Cocoa), Espresso Dark (55% Cocoa), Mini Dark (55% Cocoa) - we have these at the front counter and people like having the option of having a small chocolate bite. A few years ago Cocoa Camino had a great line with the chili, cranberries, matcha and Panama Dark bars. These bars evolved to their new offering of 5 new "chocolate candy" bars. The flavours are Almond Raisin Dark (55% Cocoa), Peanut Butter Dark (55% Cocoa), Almond Butter Dark (55% Cocoa), Puffed Rice and Quinoa Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut Butter Milk Chocolate.

Alter-Eco - Dark Almond, Dark Blackout (85% cocoa), Dark Cacao (73% cocoa) with crunchy cacao bits, Dark Mint, Dark Quinoa (61% cocoa), Dark Twist, and Dark Velvet.

We also carry Milk and Dark Chocolate Easter Bunnies when the eating season for these begins again (these are not organic just Fair Trade Certified).

Just Us! has started to make their own chocolate and is now packaging it for retail sale. We have received our initial shipment of Chocolate Covered Almonds, Milk Almond Bar, Dark Almond Bar, Bittersweet Bliss, Golden Crunch, and Midnight Mint. Just US! has also produced some Freeze Dried Instant Coffee and yes - everything is Fair Trade Certified and Organic.

Many of the chocolates we offer are vegan and lactose intolerant friendly. Our chocolates are organic and therefore they are GMO free (many chocolates contain soy lecithin that are derived from GMO sources).

We offer teas from Choice Tea (Chai Spice, Dragon Well Chai, Green Tea with essence of Peach, Black Tea, Earl Grey, Mango Ceylon, English Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast), Kicking Horse (Peppermint Herbal, Earl Grey, Indian Chai), Numi Monkey King Jasmine Green Tea, and Four O'Clock Teas (Green Tea Chai, Rooibos Chai, and Black Tea Chai). Please note we ONLY carry the Certified Organic Fair Trade teas from these companies since they also offer non-organic and non-Fair Trade products.

Caveat emptor regarding the term organic and fair trade! Several companies are throwing these terms about without the backing of what makes these terms good for the environment, the people producing the products, and society. There should always be a certifying organisations to back up these claims. I see the personal care company Lush is selling a product that they call "Fair Trade" but it is just a term without any justification for its use. As far as I am concerned this is misleading the public (lying) and does a great disservice to the term and the people offering real Fair Trade products. Watch out for the term fairly traded as well. Of course the term organic has been inappropriately used for many years. The term organic from a purely technically aspect just means that it contains carbon atoms in it - such as petroleum (gasoline, plastics, etc.) and all living matter. When the term organic is used to describe a growing and processed it is assumed by the consumer that it is actually adheres to some form of criteria. This is not always the case. There is nothing to stop a person using this term in a manner that misleads the consumer (either intentionally or through ignorance - more likely the former). Only when you purchase certified organic (or from a producer that you can trust and support like from a farmer's market vendor) can you ensure that the product actually meets a standard that is peer and socially accepted.

Earth's General store is Certified as a Fair Trade roaster of coffee beans by TransFair Canada. We only purchase certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified green coffee beans and then roast them to provide you with a fantastic coffee experience.

People have responded very favourably to the excellent quality of the roasts we are offering - fresh roasted beans do add a dimension that people just aren't used to and they really like it. The Colombian Dark roast and the Brazillian (certified by Cafe Femenino) medium roast blend have received much praise and rave reviews. Eric's (roastmaster) blended creations include the Bi-Continental blend (Ethiopian Yirgacheffee and Indonesian Sumatran), Black and Tan, Mexican Dark, PS475 (Peruvian Penachi and Ethiopian Sidamo roasted to 475F - really dark) and the Medium roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffee.

Earth’s General Store is roasting the green beans using a model YM-10 roaster from Ambex. Our roast master is Eric Filpula whose love of coffee is (well I think he is an addict but most coffee drinkers tend to be) and who is in pursuit of the ultimate cup of coffee.

Our Certified Organic Fair Trade green coffee bean selection will vary but we usually carry green beans from Brazillian, Mexico (Cafe Femeninio), Guatemalan, Nicaragua (Matagalpa), Peru (Penachi), Colombia, Ethiopian (Yirgacheffee, Harrar and Sidamo) and Indonesian Sumatran (Takengon). But since our supply is based on an agricultural product and it grows in seasons and there may not be enough around there are times that we may run out of specific beans. A Swiss Water Process (SWP) decaffeinated green bean is available (Peruvian Penachi).

We also offer green beans for sale so that people can roast their own coffee at their home. In 2010 roastmaster Eric Filpula hosted a short home roasting workshop at the store using a second hand popcorn maker. People still come into the store from that workshop to buy green beans to make their own roasted coffee at home.

Several of our Fair Trade Certified coffees are also produced through Cafe Feminino. You can find out more information about this programme at

You can purchase any of our green coffee beans in their green state so that you can roast at home. This is becoming more popular as people are discovering the experience and pleasure of raosting at home.

We offer Rebar and organic Bumble Bars (gluten-free) for those that are in need of a healthy snack and licorice from Panda.

We offer a variety of coffee filters: reusable cloth; reusable metal; French press (sometimes called a tea or Bodum press) and disposable unbleached paper filters.

Several years ago we introduced to the Canadian market Laptop Lunches, bento style containers. They come in a variety of systems and have proved to be very popular with parents looking for a product to help them inprove the appearance and efficincy of packing a [healthy] meal for their children. Many adults are using the system for themselves and Laptop Lunches has evolved their offering to provide adult styles.

Water bottles seem to be everywhere - mostly the disposible ones. Fortunately more people are using reusable bottles to drink from. Personally I like glass bottles instead of metal but glass is heavier and also breakable. Several companies - Tap Water and Lifefactory (odd name) are using glass that resists breakage and Lifefactory have very colourful silicone wraps that go around the bottles to better protect them.

We also carry the Cuppow lids that you can use to adapt Mason Jars to reusable drinking containers.

Glass an stainless steel straws are much more popular than I ever thought they would be. 



For the raw foodists, the people that want to make their own dehydrated fruits and vegetables, and for those that wish to save some money Edmonton now has a place to purchase Excalibur Dehydrators (the industry standard) - Earth's General Store!

I have listed the models below that we carry complete with prices and specifications.Excalibur has a portion of their website that lists video on how to dry and store the finished product - click here for a link. 

  2400 2500ECB 3500 3526T 2900ECB 3900 3926T
        26-Hour TIMER     26-Hour TIMER
CODE 9910806 9910807 9910813 9910839 9910808 9910814 9910840
# Trays 4 5 5 5 9 9 9
Size of trays 12"x12" 15"x15" 15"x15" 15"x15" 15"x15" 15"x15" 15"x15"
  30x30cm 38x38cm 38x38cm 38x38cm 38x38cm 38x38cm 38x38cm
Warranty 5 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr 10 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr 10 Yr
Adjustable Temp range F/C 95-155 F 95-155 F 95-155 F 95-155 F 95-155 F 95-155 F 95-155 F
  35 - 68 C 35 - 68 C 35 - 68 C 35 - 68 C 35 - 68 C 35 - 68 C 35 - 68 C
Weight lbs/kg 10 lbs 17 lbs 17 lbs 17 lbs 22 lbs 22 lbs 22 lbs
  4.5kg 7.1 kg 7.1 kg 7.1 kg 10kg 10kg 10kg
Total drying area - ft2 / m2 4 ft2 8 ft2 8 ft2 8 ft2 15 ft2 15 ft2 15 ft2
  .37m2 .74m2 .74m2 .74m2 1.39m2 1.39m2 1.39m2
Wattage 220 w 400 w 400 w 400 w 600 w 600 w 600 w
  120 VAC/60HZ 120 VAC/60HZ 120 VAC/60HZ 120 VAC/60HZ 120 VAC/60HZ 120 VAC/60HZ 120 VAC/60HZ
Power switch No - unplug Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fan Size 4" 5" 5" 5" 7" 7" 7"
Sheet Size 11"x11" 14"x14" 14"x14" 14"x14" 14"x14" 14"x14" 14"x14"
  28x28cm 35.6x35.6cm 35.6x35.6cm 35.6x35.6cm 35.6x35.6cm 35.6x35.6cm 35.6x35.6cm
Price per extra sheet (Premium) $9.49 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99
Colors Black Black Black or White White ONLY Black Black or White White ONLY
Extras 1 - Premium Sheet 2 - Premium Sheet 2 - Premium Sheet & Preserve Naturally Book 2 - Premium Sheet 2 - Premium Sheet 2 - Premium Sheet & Preserve Naturally Book 2 - Premium Sheet
Price $189.00 $255.00 $299.00 $369.00 $325.00 $369.00 $429.00
CODE 9910806 9910807 9910813 9910839 9910808 9910814 9910840

Premium sheets - Grey Super flexible non-stick sheets for fruit leathers, rollups, taffies, crackers and much more... Easy to clean and reusable for years.

We have several books for preserving foods: Preserve it Naturally; Well Preserved; Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving; The Big Book of Preserving the harvest; Beginner's Guide to Preserving at Home; Dehydrator's Bible.

We also carry Spiral Slicers - Spirooli Paderno and Joyce Chen.

Lighting; Water and Energy Efficiency - CONSERVATION:
Full spectrum lighting (fluorescent and incandescent for people suffering from or are susceptible to Seasonal Affected Disorder - SAD) from Chromalux, Seventh Generation, Verilux and Hytron (all of the Full Spectrum fluorescent lights are rated at 5000 K); energy efficient compact fluorescent (CFL); toilet dams; low-flow showerheads and aerators; hot water heater insulating blankets; weatherstripg; reusable plastic (vinyl) storm window film (packaged and bulk) and information (this system lets people reuse the vinyl year after year instead of having to throw the film away every year).

We are offering solar ovens (solar cookers) that allow people to cook their food using just the energy of the sun. I cooked several meals in the summer of 2005 in one of these solar ovens: beans; potatoes; carrots; rice; and even bread. I am quite excited about getting stock in of the book Cooking with the Sun and the new book from New Society - 'Solar Food Dryer'.

Many people like to have a filter on their showerheads to reduce their exposure to chlorine. We carry a filter that fits on the pipe coming out of the wall and then your showerhead (hopefully it is a good water efficient type) is attached to the filter housing. The filter medium is KDF-55. The filter cartridge is replaceable and should last about 1 year in normal use (2 showers a day - to me this would be very high use).


And we carry the Darwin Fish plaques; stickers; buttons and magnets. Some of the new ones from this series include: Science, Fish & Chips, Reality Bites, and Evolve.

Tickets: Throughout the year we are ticket outlet for a wide variety of events - music, speaking engagements, film festivals, etc.

Earth's General Store believes that one of the most important ways to help shift our collective mindset to one that is more environmentally and socially more aware is to share information. So we conduct several workshops throughout the year - fermentation, raw food diet, sprouting, composting, etc.

Earth’s General Store produces an e-newsletter every so often and an Activist Agenda every week that lists events in the Edmonton, AB area. If you would like to receive these please email me at egs at You can click Activist Agenda at the top of this webpage for the latest version if you want to access this through the web [thanks to Conrad]. I try to update the on-line version of the Activist Agenda on a daily basis so that it is current and relevant.

To help facilitate people recycling batteries (alkaline, rechargeables - Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium, etc) we have a collection and storage area. When the buckets become full we take them to the local EcoStation where they are sent away and the toxic components of the batteries are recovered for reuse or proper disposal. 

Earth's General Store has worked over the years with Ecology Systems Information Society (ESIS) to develop a Activist Toolkit to fill a need in our community. The toolkit consists of: megaphones; walkie-talkies; marshall vests; cups; mugs; plates; cutlery; glasses; coffee making equipment; coffee thermoses; and sign making supplies. We also do a lot of media work for a wide variety of organisations. The store helps a variety of organisations by being a ticket outlet for their fundraising events (Earth's General Store allows people to charge or use their debit card for these tickets and typically we charge a premium when a customer uses on of these charge options to cover the costs we get charged for this service from the financial institutions).

In conjunction with Vegetarians of Alberta we house their library of books, cookbooks, cassettes, videos and DVDs. Membership for VOA is available at the store.

Earth's General Store also contributes money on a monthly basis to the following non-profit organisations:

Over the years Earth's General Store has been involved with or had a presence at many events:

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